Modern Life, Contemporary Living

A house is made of brick and mortar, but a home is made of love and care.
Designed For
Mr. Nagaraju
Duplex Villa
34 lakhs
Coming back home after a hectic day is the best feeling in the world. So, we wanted to create a home for Mr. Nagaraju that he would love to come back to. And what can do that better than a modern-contemporary design story? That bounces off the walls and sings a melody of beauty.

The duplex villa located in Alwal, Hyderabad, is overflowing with textured walls, fluted panelling, wooden accents, and many other things you can imagine. This 3bhk home welcomes you with open arms and soothes you with muted colours; even the furniture helps you sink in and relax. However, the entrance wall steals the show with its round artistic panelling sitting over the textured wall that meets fluted panelling.

Moving on to the kitchen, it’s equipped with all the latest tech and features a U-shaped layout. The kitchen spins the design on its head and introduces some young, vibrant touches to the home via a teal and cream colour palette. Furthermore, the kitchen is connected to the dining area, which has a unique white marble dining table that is surrounded by equally unique chairs and a bench on the other side, giving the dining table a distinctive look.

The living area houses the stairs leading to the first floor and a small common area with an enigmatic sofa and the pooja unit sitting on the opposite wall. The pooja unit itself is made of wood and features a fold-able glass door. Taking a closer look, it is a transitional space that connects the two bedrooms and continues the stairs to the terrace.

The home also features a study that is minimalistic to its core, an L shaped wooden work table, and a sofa on the opposite side. Other than that, the room has minimalistic plain white walls and wooden flooring—everything that’s suitable for a place of work.

Modern Bedroom In A Contemporary Story

A common principle people follow while designing is that you should design your living room according to how your guests like it, but design your bedroom according to your tastes. A similar sentiment can be seen in this home as well, while all the bedrooms stand out because of their style. The master bedroom especially stands out because the designers opted to give it a little more flair. Decorated with accent walls, beautiful art pieces, and a modular wardrobe, the bedroom is a fantasy made real for many designers.

As beautiful as the home turned out to be, the design journey made the entire project even more worthwhile.

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