Play of warm & cool

A modern design with hints of Neoclassical elements makes this a design wonder.
Designed For
Mr. Bala
3-BHK apartment
30 lakhs
With an area of 2,400sft, and a configuration of a 3-BHK at their disposal, this home overlooks the city from the 11th floor. Predominantly a modern design with hints of neoclassical elements makes it a design wonder. The home is aptly called “ A play of warm and cool” since the colors blend so well to complement each other. The highlight of this home would be its paneling. How each paneling is different yet weaves a continuous story.

A magnificent entry way, bold furniture to complete the look. The spaces are highlighted with subtle luminance and defined textures. The muted background helps to shine light on the eye catching furniture of bold colorsand textures. The accent wall in the pooja room is a combination of fluted paneling and rugged texture, highlighted with linear lights. The bar area, located in a cozy corner, overlooks a massive glass window, enriching the place in natural light. With a rustic accent and subtle lighting to add drama to the place once the sun sets, making the space a perfect spot for weekend rendezvous.

Premium elegance

Muted tones with a highlight of teal have been used to create the perfect balance in the master bedroom and kitchen with a play in textures. Subtle arrangement of lights in these spaces play an important role in highlighting accent walls or dramatic textures. The children’s bedroom is designed with a theme of “My little pony” giving it that extra glam and creative vibe.

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Phanim Jay


Waseem Adnan

Project Executive

Dhanadeep Kottur

3D visualizer