Rhythmic Simplicity in Contemporary Design

The home is the physical manifestation of minimalistic living while exuding charm.
Designed For
Mr. Srinivas
3-BHK apartment
30 lakhs
The beauty of simplicity has never been more profoundly expressed through design than in this 3 bhk home. Drawing inspiration from nature and adding minimalist contemporary elements to the mix gave birth to the interiors of this apartment in Vijayawada. The tandem of beige and white colours used in the rooms makes the design more immersive and induces a feeling of calmness, comfort and relaxation.

Even though the home doesn’t rely on a diverse colour palette, it never fails to intoxicate the onlookers through its design. Moreover, all of this became possible because of the hard work and artistry put in by the designers at Aertsen.

The home follows an open floor plan with wide open spaces and giant windows that let in natural light. The entrance opens up to a long foyer directly facing the pooja room. The foyer is decorated with a console on a fluted wooden wall and a Buddha statue sitting atop the console.

On the left, the foyer leads to the drawing room, with an accent wall behind the couch and fluted wooden panelling on either side. On the opposite wall, the television unit sits atop a neutral wall with segments of wooden fluted panelling.

Moving on to the living room, it acts as both a dining room and a living room. Instead of adding a small sitting area, the designers opted for a dining table and a television unit that is minimalistic by all definitions. The dining and living room then connect to the kitchen, balcony, and the pooja room, which are opposite to each other.

The pooja room is separated from the rest of the living room with a sliding MS steel frame door. Taking a look inside, the room is adorned with white walls, a platform with a marble counter top, and traditional pooja ornaments. Across the hall, the modular kitchen doesn’t just save space and promote organisation, it’s in eternal symphony with the home interior. Furthermore, the kitchen supports a white marble breakfast counter.

Coming to the bedrooms, the home has three of them, but the master bedroom especially stands out. This might be the result of the elegant bedside wall or the beautifully hand crafted headboard. Whatever the case might be, the room screams luxury while remaining grounded.

Finally, the home is the physical manifestation of minimalistic living while exuding charm. The pendant lights, subtle accent walls, and white marble flooring just amplify the ambiance further.

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