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Space Enhancing Design Ideas for a Small Living Room

First impressions are the most crucial to building any relationship, and just like people fashion their clothes to seem presentable and friendly, you must design your living room in a way that makes your guests feel comfortable. Some spaces might be harder to design than others, but small spaces present the most challenge. To solve that problem, this blog will walk you through the best space-enhancing design ideas for your small living room.

How to decorate small spaces with a big impact?

Decorating any space can be a daunting task, and small spaces further complicate things. But with these nifty space-enhancing design ideas your small living room will become a contender for being featured in top interior design magazines.

1. Embrace an open floor-plan

If there was a sure shot trick to making your living room feel bigger instantaneously, it has to be adopting an open floor plan. Knocking down walls and merging your living room with the dining area will make the room feel more spacious. Also, if you are a stickler for the segregation of your rooms, you can integrate semi-open partitions, glass dividers or a plethora of options available in the market.

2. Pick up furniture that resonates with the room

Jamming your living room with random pieces of furniture may create a lot of seating space, but that’s not why you are here. Instead, pick up sleek furniture with a limited footprint, as they can make your room feel more spacious. You can take this a step further by choosing furniture that rests on slim feet.

3. Get low-height sofas

The closer you get to the floor, the bigger the rest of the homes start to feel. So, if you get some low-height sofas for your living room, they can make the ceiling appear higher and give you that spacious look in your living room. FYI you can use the same principle for every other room in the home.

4. Easily movable furniture

Having light movable furniture gives you an upper hand when you want to create an ever-evolving layout in your living room. And in case you live in a rented apartment, this aspect of the design can really help you out.

5. A neutral colour palette

Space Enhancing Design Ideas

Painting your walls in a neutral colour palette can help the light bounce around in the room, resulting in your room appearing bigger. You can also choose furniture with a similar colour to escalate the effect. But make sure the colours go well with each other in the room, as an incoherent colour scheme can make the room feel unsettling.

6. Integrate lots of built-in cabinets

When space is the issue, storage problems come hand in hand. Consequently, choosing furniture that offers additional storage space can easily solve the problem. For instance, get a coffee table that offers storage space under the table or hidden away somewhere.

7. Avoid using floor lamps

As beautiful as they are floor lamps take up essential space that a small living room doesn’t have to offer. Instead, you can use the plethora of wall lights available on the market. If you want to take this to a whole new level, you can just use recessed light on the ceiling, which barely takes any space in the room.

8. Multi-functional furniture

Furniture like sofa beds, ottomans and nesting tables that can be hidden away when not in use are essentially the save and grace for a small living room. Using such design tactics can help you save space that is usually unheard of.

9. Make the most out of natural lights

Having a large window in the living room can help bring in lots of natural light that can scatter across the room creating an illusion of space. Besides, it also presents a lot of other benefits for your home including reduced eye strain, reduction in stress levels and a reduction in electricity bills.

10. De-clutter your way to a bigger space

Clutter can easily make any space seem overcrowded, so it’s a great idea to occasionally de-clutter your living room. Besides making the room feel more spacious, it will also make the room feel sleeker and cleaner.

11. Floating media unit

Without a reasonable doubt, a media unit in your living can add to the aesthetic and décor of the room but these units tend to take up space that you might not have to spare. In this case, you can introduce a floating media unit, which barely takes up any space in the room.

These were our top picks to help you save as much space as possible in your living room while retaining the beauty and comfort of the design.

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