Trends | November 29, 2022

Top Interior Design Trends of 2022

As the world has evolved over the years, so have the home interior designs people relate to the most. For instance, Roman architecture was heavily influenced by colours, patterns, and murals, which in many ways expressed the symphony of nature. But by the time the 1780s rolled around, it had transformed into a Neoclassical style of interior design. This is a direct result of how interior design has been appropriated into the modern era, twisted and modified by people throughout history. But today, people have adopted personal expression as a design story, giving birth to a whole new interior design trend.

In modern interior design, it’s more about personal well-being and mood that influences the interiors of most homes, but that hasn’t stopped designers from innovating and letting their creativity flow. Resulting in interior design trends that breach the boundaries separating various designs and producing something completely novel.

In the pursuit of warmth, comfort and airiness, most people tend to dip towards minimalistic design stories, which can accommodate wide open spaces and cosy corners in a home. Meanwhile, some design stories, such as Rococo and Art Nouveau are on their way out of being interior design choices. So, without further ado, below are the latest interior design trends of 2022.

1. Nature Inside Out

Interior Design Trends of 2022

It’s one thing to bring in some plants into your home, but to create a décor that reflects nature, the design needs to be much more extensive. Most people try to subsume such elements into a home through rustic furniture, wooden beams or choosing an earthy colour palette. However, to achieve something that truly resembles nature, aesthetics aren’t enough. The space should be able to induce such feelings as well.

The best way of doing that is by mimicking nature itself, whether it’s through lighting, furniture, accent walls or even getting an actual tree into your home, i.e. if it’s at all possible. Forcing these elements is never a good idea. Besides the aesthetics, such design elements have a plethora of benefits – it adds versatility, the earthy & natural home décor is great for your health and it’s highly sustainable.

In these times, when pollution and global warming are at an all-time high, a home close to nature is less of a desire and more of a necessity. In a research article published by Nancy M. Wells, she concludes that children whose homes improved in terms of “greenness” tended to have the highest levels of cognitive functioning.

2. Sensory Stimulation

The main goal of interior design has always been to elevate aesthetics and improve the way of life. You can incorporate the most vibrant colour palette or comfortable furniture, but if it fails to stimulate the right emotions, the design will never be up to the expectation.

Besides visual stimulation through beautiful accent walls and enigmatic furniture, scent plays a key role in setting the appropriate mood in various parts of a home or space. Scientists believe memories triggered by smells are possibly more elaborate than those induced by our other senses.

Aromas have proven to have more intense effects on our emotions as well, so incorporating a specific scent in each room can add to an ambience that induces a specific emotion. Designers have recently started using this principle in their design to create décor for homes and even commercial spaces. So, while you brainstorm your way to the perfect colour palette, furniture and lighting, consider integrating various aromas into the room as well.

In an article concerning an experiment with aromas, Susan C. Knasko indicated fewer health symptoms were reported by people in scented conditions compared to unscented conditions. She also stated various relationships emerged between personality traits and the effect of the order on task performance.

3. Sculpted & Curved Furniture

Interior Design Trends of 2022

Looking back a couple of hundred years back, furniture was as imaginative as it could be. Whether it’s luxury or minimal,  everything stood out because of the Art Deco on them. However, with time all those design elements slowly fell out of fashion, this was the case until a few years ago, when popular celebrities took people for a virtual tour of their homes. People got to see, what celebrities preferred for their own homes, which then influenced their decisions.

As Sara Cukerbaum, the principal interior designer at SLIC Design said. Vladimir Kagan’s mid-century modern pieces are all the hype today. She further added, in my own projects, curved furniture tends to compensate for the sharp edges of architecture, introducing warmth and personality to the space.

4. Home Automation

First came smartphones, then came smart TVs and now is the era of smart homes. Just like a smartphone makes your everyday life simpler, a smart home makes your life in your home much more convenient. Integrating technology into your home comes hand-in-hand with a plethora of benefits. And how can you forget about, how home automation can turn your home highly functional?

When it comes to home automation, most people’s knowledge is limited to motion-sensing lights, but it’s much more than that. It provides you with safety & security to superior control over every aspect of your home. If home automation seems like something you would be interested in, Aertsen can help you upgrade your abode with the latest in-home automation technology.

Crystal Watts, the content manager and social media expert at Control4, a home automation company said in an interview, “Enabling people to integrate and automate all of the systems and devices in their home is key to creating an easy automation experience”. She further added, “The entire house can be put to sleep with a single button press.” It will arm my alarm system, lock my doors, control the temperature, and turn off all of the lights in the house”.

5. Abstract Artwork

Interior Design Trends of 2022

Intermingling art and décor isn’t something new, it has been used in homes since the time humans discover colours. Archaeologists have been discovering cave paintings all over the globe, where early humans resided. Besides the aesthetics, these paintings and artwork in a home improve the quality of life and living space.

Properly positioning artwork in a home can add warmth and textures to your walls. Moreover, artwork doesn’t have to be paintings or expensive art pieces either. Blending textures and paint can give birth to the most beautiful interiors.

To summarise, these trends make up the whole of what happened in the year 2022. However, it’s a given that more trends will replace these ones, and we will be here to bring them straight to you.