DIY Your Way To Travel Inspired Home Decor

We all have had the urge to abandon the rat race and embark on a journey to travel the world and experience all the different cultures, languages, cuisines and landscapes the world has to offer.

Sadly, most of us get to indulge in travel sparsely throughout our lifetime because of a lack of time. But what if you could transform your abode into an embodiment of all your travels?

A space that is a testament to your love for travel and the perfect reflection of your personality and style. The simple answer is you would be in a constant state of merriment, reminiscing about the time spent doing what you love. Nevertheless, integrating your sentiments about travelling into your home’s décor without wrecking it is harder than most people realize.

Hence, we have listed below the best budget-friendly travel décor ideas, so you can DIY your way to travel-inspired home décor right away.

Note: Though travel does not have any specific design dedicated to it, Boho comes really close to describing it. However, travel inspired home decor should be more about self-description and less about what people have done in the past. So, these ideas are less invasive and would require the least amount of alterations to your existing décor.

1. Souvenirs From Your Travels

Travel Inspired Home Decor

The thing about different places and the cultures flourishing in those places is that they have their own distinct style that might not be found in other parts of the world.

For instance, Thangka paintings from Nepal would make for an exciting focus for your home wall, but the same authentic paintings can not be found in Bengaluru. Likewise, Channapatna Wooden Toys found in Bengaluru may not be available in Nepal.

You could always order them online if you manage to find them, but there is something about the things you buy personally in your journey that adds a layer of authenticity to the décor. In case you are missing an abundance of souvenirs, Matryoshka dolls from Russia can be easily found online.

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2. Aboriginal Textiles

Textile has been part of every culture in every country and every continent, with variations most people can not fathom. From the Batik printed textile of Indonesia to embroidered and decorative Suzani tribal textile of Tajikistan.

In hindsight, these textiles might seem like an artistic expression of the native people, but it’s so much more than that. These textiles are often passed down through multiple generations, capturing the story behind the culture.

You can incorporate these textiles into your home in a variety of ways including tapestry and furniture upholstery.

Aboriginal Textiles - Popular Travel Inspired Home Decor

3. Vintage Aesthetics

Vintage and Thirft furniture - Best Travel inspired home decor idea

Vintage and thrift furniture pair well with the travel theme, these pieces of furniture have a certain weathered and worn-down look that creates a cosy and sophisticated look. You can also go for the iconic suitcase as the coffee table, the go-to for a travel theme.

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4. Framed Travel Pictures

Modern technology has enabled us to capture memories whenever or wherever we go, this makes bringing back those moments from your travel home easy. In a travel-themed home, you can group these images on a wall to tell various travel stories. Moreover, these pictures will become great conversation starters.

Travel-Inspired Home Decor

5. Think Out Of The Box

When it comes to travel-themed homes, the choices may seem endless but executing them can be tricky. So, you really have to think out of the box. While in some cases, wallpaper depicting a world map is enough to emphasize the theme. In others, various memorabilia can be turned into décor pieces.

To sum up – Creating any décor can be a hard enough task, let alone a travel-themed décor. Hopefully, this blog helped you come up with some great travel inspired home decor ideas. However, the important thing is that the resulting décor should reflect who you are and what you stand for.