Trying to Decorate a rented Home on a Budget: Here’s How!

Just because you are living in a rented apartment, it should not stop you from turning your home into a reflection of your own. Though a rented house may present some limitations on what changes you can make to the place, there will always be ways around it. And this blog will help you do that in ways you wouldn’t have to contemplate your financial well-being.

At the end of the day, a good design doesn’t require a bottomless pit of money or resources, all it takes is a bit of creativity, resourcefulness and a desire to beautify your home. You wouldn’t believe the ways people have found ways to decorate their homes, something that feels useless to one can spark an idea of a lifetime to another. So, put on your reading glasses and let’s get on with it.

1. Play around with a vibrant colour palette

 Decorate a Rented Home on a Budget

Unless you are a vampire and like to dwell in the darkness of night, adding vibrant colours to your rented apartment can make all the difference. You don’t even have to go all out and paint the entire house with various colours, which can rack up an enormous bill. Rather take account of the existing colour and introduce other colours in the form of curtains, furniture, décor elements and accessories across the home.

And the best part about these changes is it allows you to pack up and move in case you buy your own home. The best way to execute this method is to have a neutral wall colour, which most rented homes come with. In the rare case, your home has a rather eccentric wall paint, you can introduce complimenting colours in the room.

2. Banish barren floors

While on the quest to beautify the walls in your home, don’t neglect the floors. Most rented homes come with shabby and uninspired floors, so simply adding a rug can drastically elevate the aesthetics of the room. It’s not just cheaper than getting the flooring done, which in most cases will eliminate the chances of you getting your deposit back. It will also enhance the décor and brighten up the room. Furthermore, don’t just stop with the rug, you can also add things like floor lamps, indoor plants or even a statement coffee table to make the room feel more lived in.

 Decorate a Rented Home on a Budget

3. Add a natural touch

 Decorate a Rented Home on a Budget

Plants are perhaps the cheapest way to decorate your home, besides adding colour to the room plants can also elevate your mood. If you never had a plant in your home before, adding potted plants across the home can beautify and rejuvenate your home instantaneously, even the colour and shape of the pot can add to the beauty of the decor. Experts recommend integrating a variety of plants of all sizes throughout your home to get the full effect. It’s also a good idea to get low-maintenance plants that don’t require much care so they don’t spoil while you’re away.

4. Go on an Amazon shopping spree

The online era has made it easier than ever to buy a multitude of things right from the comfort of your home. Among the most popular websites for shopping is Amazon; you could cosy up on a couch and buy everything you need to decorate your home at plausible prices. From the most colourful curtains to the most enigmatic coffee tables or even the smallest accessory for your home can be found on the site.

5. Modular life is a better life

What if I told you? There are furniture that will not only make your room look great, but will also save you a ton of space and also are easily moveable, in case you decide to move. Such furniture has grown in popularity because of that particular reason, it makes life much easier for people. Furthermore, modular furniture obscures the lines between modernity, minimalism and simplicity, while being multifunctional and flexible enough to decorate a rented home.

You can also opt for foldable furniture that can have more than one function, this will not only save space in your home, but it can also become a major conversation starter. Learn more about how modular furniture compares to traditional furniture.

6. Wallpaper, better than paint

 Decorate a Rented Home on a Budget

Yes, wallpaper can be more expensive than painting a home. However, you can buy small amounts of it to create accent walls in your home. Behind the TV unit, the living room and children’s room are one of the best areas that can boast accent walls. You can also pick up some decals to decorate the walls in your home while keeping the costs at bay.

Note: The installation of wallpapers can be difficult, it’s advised to either do proper research on how it’s done or get a professional to do it (this might include more costs).

7. Proper lighting can make all the difference

Before you introduce artificial lighting, utilising natural lights can help your home seem more spacious and creates an inviting ambience. You can always replicate this with artificial lights to have the same effect at night. Lights can also have a pleasing effect on the aesthetics of the room when they are placed properly. Most lighting solutions are highly affordable and can always be removed and transported fairly easily.

 Decorate a Rented Home on a Budget

Chances are you will come across some obstacles while decorating your rented home, however, it depends on how far you are willing to go for decorating your home and get away with your landlord. Hopefully, this blog helped you decorate your rented home. For more inspiration, visit our website.