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Turn Your Kitchen Functional with the Best Modular Kitchen Accessories

A Kitchen in many ways can be considered the heart of a home, just like the heart supplies blood throughout your body. The kitchen supplies nourishment to the people living within the home. Besides, a kitchen plays other vital roles in a home, which includes improved communication along with giving your home a focal point where all the family members bond with each other. However, powering a happy kitchen which consequently results in a happier home is the functionality and accessories equipped within it. More often than not, people run around in circles while choosing the said accessories for the kitchen, thus this blog will take you through the best modular kitchen accessories your kitchen is missing out on.

Best Modular Kitchen Accessories Brands in India

Before jumping into all the modular kitchen accessories, you should learn more about the brands that manufacture them and why they are the best at what they do.

1. Häfele

Häfele is perhaps the most popular and successful modular kitchen hardware accessories company in the world. However, they also specialise in furniture fittings, architectural hardware and electronic access control systems. The now widespread international company with operations in over 150 countries was founded back in 1923 in Germany. Additionally, Häfele is recognized for its devotion to ensuring customer satisfaction and its unwavering commitment to sustainable practices. As a result, the company has been honoured with various accolades for its exceptional products and services.

2. Hettich

Counted among the global leaders in manufacturing furniture fittings, their history of success dates back over 130 years. Originating from Germany, the company has rooted itself in over 80 countries worldwide, offering a variety of innovative solutions for furniture and interior design. They are widely recognised for their focus on quality, functionality and design. Their years of expertise have made them the first choice for homeowners, furniture manufacturers and designers worldwide.

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3. Blum

With a focus on high-quality solutions for kitchen and home storage, Blum is a global manufacturer of furniture fittings. Coming out of Australia in 1952, the company operates in 120 countries worldwide. They are also known for their innovative solutions, especially motion technology such as soft-close and push-to-open mechanisms that enhances the user experience.

4. Ebco

In the midst of all the German quality and precision, Ebco, a furniture hardware and accessories manufacturer from India, rose up to match international standards and quality. Today, they have become one of the leading companies in the domain. Moreover, Ebco doesn’t just operate in India, they have a wide network of operations across the globe. Their diverse range of hardware solutions caters to a variety of furniture manufacturers, architects and designers everywhere looking for reliable, functional and cost-effective solutions.

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Top Modular Kitchen Hardware Accessories for a Functionalised Kitchen

Now that you are acquainted with the best companies, here is the list of the best modular hardware accessories you can integrate into your kitchen right away.

Important Note: It’s vital to remember the sizes and specifications can be customised as per your needs; the images are provided purely to give you an idea of what the product looks like. Even the finishes shown can be modified, down to the finish on the carcasses. Furthermore, all of these modular kitchen accessories are jam-packed with the latest technology including soft-close, push-to-open, concealed wall brackets, ergonomic lift-up, grass shutter dampers and much more; learn more about modular kitchen technology.

Pull-outs: Modular Kitchen Accessories #1

Modular Kitchen Accessories

One of the easiest ways you can increase the functionality of your kitchen and reduce the clutter at the same time is by integrating these ingenious pull-out systems. These drawers or shelves are mounted on sliders or rollers, allowing you to access them easily. The pull-out system is highly customisable in terms of size, you can also choose from small counter cabinets or tall ones.

Pull-outs help you make the most out of the available space while reducing the obstacles between you and the stored items. These types of pull-outs can generally be used to store a myriad of essentials, including utensils, dishes, appliances and other kitchen items. Moreover, these pull-outs have exploded in popularity because of their sleek and clean look.

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Vegetable Baskets: Modular Kitchen Accessories #2

As simple as they are, they can make your life a hundred times easier. Mounted on runners, the baskets are fixed into the modular framework and can be easily accessed. These baskets are available in a variety of sizes, so you can take your pick according to your requirements. Moreover, these baskets are generally composed of artificial wicker, thus being easy to clean, sturdy and long-lasting.

Cutlery Trays: Modular Kitchen Accessories #3

Unorganised, cutleries can be difficult to store without making a mess of the whole thing. A cutlery tray solves this issue by organising, concealing and making things easily accessible. The tray consists of several sections, which can be used to segregate each item, whether it’s knives, spoons or any other cooking essential. These drawers are consistently placed near the hob, as to make immediate cooking utensils easy to access.

Corner Solutions: Modular Kitchen Accessories #4

Modular Kitchen Accessories

In a regular kitchen, corners are often either hard to reach or avoided entirely, but this modular kitchen accessory solves that issue by installing corner solutions that make those hard-to-reach areas more accessible. These either feature platforms that can be rotated to make them accessible or are given arms that swing out with shelves attached on top of them. There are several other ways the corners are dealt with in a modular kitchen and they are installed depending on the design and space available in the corners.

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Kitchen Pantry Unit: Modular Kitchen Accessories #5

Modular Kitchen Accessories

Storage remains of paramount importance for storing all food products in a safe and hygienic manner. Pantry units are a great way to do the same, it comes equipped with a plethora of shelves and racks and in most cases are equipped with internal lights as well. Moreover, these units are highly customisable and can be modified as per your requirements. Out of all the storage solutions available in a modular kitchen, this one by far has the most storage space. It’s especially great for kitchens with less available space.

Under Sink Drawers: Modular Kitchen Accessories #6

Modular Kitchen Accessories

The various cleaning essentials needed in a kitchen can quickly become unhygienic eye sores in a kitchen and can also sully the sleek aesthetic appeal modular kitchens are known for. Therefore, using under-sink drawers wouldn’t just provide a concealed space to store these essentials but also provide you additional storage space. More importantly, you cannot disregard the importance of keeping these utilities in arms reach for when you need them.

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How can Aertsen Living Help you Get your Dream Kitchen?

With so many great brands and even better options, getting the right product for your exact needs can be a daunting task, not to mention the price tags on such products. However, due to our sourcing strategies and connections in the domain, we can do more than just get a great deal on these products. We can also provide you with a fully customised modular kitchen design to match your exact needs. This is in addition to a plethora of beautiful designs and an in-house modular furniture manufacturing facility that can deliver a finished kitchen in just 45 days.

Chances are in your quest to find the right modular kitchen accessories for your own kitchen, it so might happen that you stumble upon a variety of products. But it’s vital to choose the one that best fits your needs and because of our years of expertise, we understand this can be confusing. So, feel free to reach out to us for a design consultation and get all of the products mentioned in this blog and more under one roof here at Aertsen Living.