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Types of Modern Wardrobe Designs

People stress so much about the design of their bedrooms, living rooms and the rest of their homes. They forget about the little details that make their homes functional. One of those small details is the wardrobe in your bedroom. While having a random wardrobe can get the job done, getting the right one can drastically improve the quality of life. Today, wardrobes come in a lot of shapes and sizes, each of which caters to a different set of needs someone may have.

However, the question arises, which is the best one for your needs? To answer this question, this blog will take you through the most popular modern wardrobe design that caters to your particular needs. So, if you are planning to install a new wardrobe in your bedroom, follow this blog.

Different types of Wardrobes

Here’s the list of all the different types of wardrobes most popular among homeowners.

1. Sliding Wardrobe

Types Modern Wardrobe Designs

Sliding doors on their own were a pretty nifty invention. Adding that to a wardrobe opens up the doors to so many more possibilities. The wardrobe itself is also quite popular amongst interior designers. Because it provides a contemporary look to the room it’s placed in while saving a ton of space.

When it comes to its functionality, the doors glide horizontally over metal tracks, which are attached to both on top & bottom frames of the wardrobe. Coming to the size of the wardrobe, it’s both available. This can be customised as per your requirement or the size of the room.

Moreover, this type of wardrobe is a smash hit among homeowners. Because manufacturers like Aertsen Modular equip the wardrobes with cutting-edge technology such as soft-open & soft-close features. This is in addition to an overabundance of finishes. Learn more about our premium & luxury range of wardrobes.

2. Swing/Hinged Wardrobe

Modern Wardrobe Designs - Hinged

Swing wardrobes, the traditional choice for cloth storage for decades and still can be found in many homes across the globe. These wardrobes generally have two doors attached to the jamb with two or three hinges that open outwards. Unlike its sliding counterpart, this wardrobe is more suited for large spacious rooms, as the doors need some space to open.

However, it has other benefits that the sliding wardrobe lacks, one of them being the ability to have hooks attached to the inside of the door for additional storage space. Finally, similar to the sliding wardrobe, these wardrobes also get highly functional features. Learn more about our economic range of wardrobes.

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3. Walk-in Wardrobe

Modern Wardrobe Designs - Walkin

Walk-in wardrobes have long been the personification of luxury, wealth and prosperity. And this cannot be more prevalent through the amount of space this wardrobe takes up in a home. As the name suggests, a walk-in wardrobe is a small to medium-sized room or even a full-sized room. This is also like a changing room, unlike other wardrobes.

A walk-in wardrobe generally consists of open shelves, drawers, cabinets, mirrors and even a dressing table. Moreover, these wardrobes have a lot more storage space and need much more extensive lighting than other wardrobes on this list.

4. Free-Standing Wardrobe

A free-standing wardrobe is a single unit. This typically comes with hanging space or a combination of hanging space and drawers. It features two doors, which are attached to the frame of the wardrobe with hinges. Moreover, these are generally not customisable according to anyone’s storage needs or available space.

These wardrobes come with their own set of advantages. This includes mobility, and easily replace/resell. Most importantly getting the finished product right away on purchase.

How Modular Furniture has Changed the Game?

Note: Modular isn’t a type of wardrobe, rather it’s a way of manufacturing the wardrobe which is considered a more efficient way of manufacturing furniture. You can learn more about modular furniture by clicking on the link.

The traditional method of manufacturing furniture has always been more than efficient at producing long-lasting furniture. But the world needed much more. That’s what modular furniture brings to the table. Apart from being highly customisable, the entire process of manufacturing modular furniture is automated. It results in a piece of furniture that is extremely precise down to a millimetre. Furthermore, these pieces of furniture are easy to disassemble and reassembled with relative ease, which makes transporting them much easier. These are a few advantages of modular furniture that gives it the upper hand over traditional furniture. In the shadow of so many benefits, choosing modular furniture for homes became the obvious choice.

Chances are you would come across other types of wardrobes. But the most important thing to remember would be to consider space in your bedroom and the features you would need in a wardrobe before choosing one for your home.