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Vastu Shastra tips for rental properties

According to an RICS Knight Frank report, nearly 30% of Indians live in rental homes and the rental housing market is expected to grow faster than urbanisation in the next 20 years. This makes it quite clear that more and more people are going to move into rented homes. And as more and more do move into their new rented homes. These Vastu Shastra tips will become a guide for them to choose their rental abode.

Note: All the Vastu tips mentioned in this blog are recommended by highly regarded Vastu consultants and adopted by countless Indian households.

What is Vastu Shastra?

In layman’s terms, Vastu Shatra literally means “Science of Architecture”. Based on ancient texts that narrate the concepts of design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement and spatial geometry. The texts in Vastu Shatra believe in an amalgamation of nature and the various functions of the home via utilising patterns, symmetry and directional alignments.

Why is Vastu Shastra incumbent?

The use of Vastu Shastra can be dated back to Atharvaveda (the storehouse of knowledge for artharvānas, the procedures for everyday life). This can be found in architecture throughout history. The belief in Vastu Shastra is still in prominence among people. Because it promotes peace, harmony and the overall well-being of the family in the home.

Even though Vastu Shastra was originally created for temples, people quickly realised the benefits of the scriptures and integrated the science into their homes. However, today, Vastu Shastra is followed in the construction of almost everything, be it an office, hospital, collages or even gardens.

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Vastu Shastra tips for a rented property

While houses are the most commonly rented real estate, offices and other forms of real estate are also available to be rented. So, you can follow these Vastu tips to maximise health, wealth and prosperity in your rented property.

Vastu Shastra Tips

The front door should always be bigger than the doors in the rest of the home.

The shape of the house should be a square or rectangle.

It’s vital you insist on repairing any cracks or damages in the home before handover.

Make sure the kitchen and restrooms aren’t in the north-east.

Your home should not have a spiral staircase or be attached to one.

The south side of the home should not have any windows, this side of the home should only have storage and inventory. Moreover, the area should be well-lit, as it promotes better health and the overall well-being of your family.

The centre of the home should not have any heavy objects like pillars, and neither should the area have clutter.

Make sure there are no wells, man-holes or basements on the west side of the home.

All the mirrors in the home should be strategically placed only on the north or the east side of the home.

Choose lighter shades for the walls in your home, as it promotes better mental health.

You should perform a space-cleansing ritual to purify the home.

All the clocks and watches in your home should be working and should show the right time.

The home’s entrance should face the same direction as the way you walk out of your home.

The home’s entrance should be in the north-east, north-west, or east.

Avoid renting homes that face south, south-east and south-west directions.

Your kitchen should be on the south-east or north-west side of the home.

The master bedroom of the home should always be on the south-west side of the home.

You should always avoid homes with balconies in the south-west direction of the home.

You should try to avoid duplex homes with staircases in the north-east direction.

Ensure your home has lots and lots of natural light, and a well-planned lighting solution inside your home.

Your home should have proper ventilation for positive energy to flow throughout the house. This can affect the ambience in the home.

You should regularly light incense sticks or spray essential oils in your home. This creates positive energy and can elevate the mood of all the family members.

Vastu Shastra Tips

Decorate your home with a variety of lush green plants; the plants purify the air inside your home while also adding colour to the décor.

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To sum up, finding a home that covers all these Vastu Shastra tips can be a difficult undertaking. However, you should try to rent a home that covers at least half of the Vastu tips, as Vastu can drastically improve the quality of life in your home.