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Wardrobe accessories your wardrobe is missing out on!

The thing that separates a regular wardrobe from a premium and functional one is the accessories installed in them. Whether it’s storing your belongings in a clean and organised manner or making everything easily accessible, these accessories make your life ten times easier. So, we have listed the best of the best wardrobe accessories to turn your wardrobe smart. There are multiple companies in the market that manufacture such products, but we will acquaint you with three different brands that are quite well-known for their quality and aesthetics.

Note: All the products listed in this blog are also sold by Aertsen Living, along with consultation about installing such products in your wardrobe.


Founded in 2004, Higold is a home hardware manufacturer dedicated to producing premium functional hardware, furniture fittings, door & window hardware, kitchen & bathroom hardware, decorative hardware, smart hardware and outdoor furniture. Their products are supplied and sold all over the globe and are regarded as one of the best brands for wardrobe accessories.


The company, known for its sustainable and innovative work in the home hardware domain have propelled itself to become one of the best in the sector. Founded in 2009, the company manufactures and supplies kitchen, wardrobe and furniture accessories.


Founded in 1963, Ebco has crawled its way up to India’s leading home hardware manufacturers. Their line of products ranges from wardrobe accessories to kitchen fittings, as a result for many in the country they have become the go-to brand for their home. Their products are hardwired to make any home or office space much more functional without burning a hole in the wallet.

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Best Wardrobe Accessories

1. Cloth Baskets

While flat shelves can store your clothes well enough, wouldn’t it be great if you had something even better? Cloth baskets are produced for that exact reason. It doesn’t just help you store clothes, it also lets you organise and separate different types of clothing articles.

Wardrobe slide-out clothes basket (703731) (Higold)

Wardrobe accessories

With a European design, the outer frame is fabricated with space-grade aluminium, cobalt and platinum. While the basket is enveloped in high-quality leather hand sewn onto the original frame. The basket is also fitted with a bottom plate to strengthen the bearing capacity. It’s available in the following sizes: 600mm, 700mm, 800mm and 900mm.

Shearer Series Bedroom Rattan Closet Basket (703341) (Higold)

Made with artificial rattan, the basket is hand woven to deliver an aesthetically pleasing and sturdy cloth basket for your wardrobe. It’s available in a variety of colours, which includes cobalt platinum, titanium grey and champagne grey. It comes in a variety of sizes, which are 600mm, 700mm, 800mm and 900m.

Wardrobe accessories

Glass side basket (Onyx)

Wardrobe accessories

With a bronze aluminium profile, the basket is put together with glass panels on the side and a bottom plate finished with premium-quality laminate. The basket is available in two different sizes, 600mm and 900mm respectively.

Leather side basket (Onyx)

Similar to the glass side basket, the leather side basket is also made of bronze aluminium profile. But instead of glass, the basket is enveloped in high-quality leather.

Wardrobe accessories - Leather side baoxes

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2. Jewellery Box

While your belongings can be stored clumped together, and tangled in every other way. Jewellery boxes with several partitions that help organise your things, which can also be integrated into the wardrobe itself are the far better choice. Moreover, the accessory does not limit you to just storing jewellery, you can also opt for deeper partitions to store other belongings like clothes.

Leather Jewellery Box (706011/B. Series) (Higold)

Wardrobe accessories - Leather jewellery boxes

The integrated jewellery box is covered in premium leather and the brushed gold profile is fitted with vibration-induction lighting technology. The jewellery box is available in different sizes to meet different requirements and these sizes are as follows 600mm, 700mm, 800mm and 900mm.

Decoration Shelf (Onyx – Mocha series)

This burgundy-coloured jewellery box from Onyx is as luxurious as it can get, with a brushed bronze finish the profile of the jewellery surrounds the partitions lined with premium leather. The Jewellery box comes in two sizes, which are 600mm and 900mm.

Wardrobe accessories - Decoration shelf

Wardrobe Drawer Organiser 2 (Ebco)

The jewellery box, also known as the wardrobe drawer organiser can be integrated into existing wardrobes. The organiser houses a variety of partitions to accommodate watches, jewellery, ornaments, etc.

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3. Shoe Rack

Keeping your shoes out and about can become an unflattering scene, but this is easily taken care of by installing a shoe rack in your wardrobe. They don’t just hide away the shoes but also organise them in a uniform manner to be accessible with relative ease. There are a variety of such shoe racks available in the market ranging from premium to economical in quality and price.

Rotating Shoe Rack (703591/B. Series) (Higold)

Profiles finished in cobalt platinum and the shelves finished in Maron green leather, the rotating shoe rack exudes understated luxury. Featuring a 360° omnidirectional turn-in design that makes accessing shoes extremely easy. The numerous shelves fixed on the rack enable you to store all your shoes in one place. You can also choose the number of shelves on the rack to meet your requirements, the options available are 12-tiers, 10-tiers, 8-tiers, 6-tiers and 4-tiers.

Mocha Series Shoe Rack (Onyx)

The aluminium shoe rack from Onyx comes with two tiers of shelves to store shoes and features premium guide rails to use it like a drawer. The rack can easily house up to eight shoes at a time, giving you ample space to store your expensive shoes.

Wardrobe Pull-out Shoe Rack (Ebco)

The pull-out shoe rack from Ebco can be easily integrated into any type of wardrobe and can house up to four pairs of shoes, but are also available in other sizes. It also features an in-built soft close technology to ensure smooth functioning.

Wardrobe accessories -shoe rack

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4. Trouser Rack

If you have wished for a simpler way to sort through your trouser to find the right one, then this wardrobe accessory can aid your wish. These trouser racks stand horizontally, attached to the back of the wardrobe and can be used to hang multiple trousers in a neat and organised system.

Trousers Rack-BV Series (706021) (Higold)

Handwoven green Maron leather enveloping most of the profile, the trouser rack features 14 hanging rods along with four partitions for other objects. The rack is fitted with guide rails, which enable it to be pulled out. They are also available in four different sizes for different requirements.

Double-line trouser rack (Onyx)

The trouser rack, attached to the back of the wardrobe holds hanging rods suspended under it. The rack features over 24 rods and can be pulled out for ease of access.

Wardrobe accessories - 
Trouser rack

Wardrobe Rack – Trouser (Ebco)

Featuring an aluminium ball-bearing runner, the moveable sliding frame can hold up to 24 pairs of trousers on hanging rods made of nylon and reinforced with fibreglass.

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Chances are, you would find other great wardrobe accessories, but according to us, these are the bare minimum for a truly functional wardrobe. Moreover, all the accessories mentioned in this blog can be easily found on their respective websites, but if you would like an entirely new modular wardrobe that is integrated with all these accessories, Aertsen has a line of premium wardrobes in their arsenal of products for you to checkout.