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What Is A Lanai? Does Your Home Need One?

Are you tired of all the identical designs flooding homes across the globe? Do you want to introduce a riveting and captivating design into your home? If yes, ding-ding-ding, this is your lucky day! This blog will introduce you to Lanai – a patio/backyard design originating from the beautiful island of Hawaii.

What Is A Lanai?

what is a Lanai

A Lanai is a type of roofed patio, veranda or porch attached to the home with at least one side open to the elements. These structures allow the dwellers to relish the weather outside without leaving the home. The concept of Lanai originates from the island of Hawaii, where most homes, hotels and even some commercial buildings feature a Lanai.

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Difference Between A Lanai And Patio/Veranda/Porch

Not sure what’s the difference between a Lanai and a patio/veranda/porch, don’t fret! Here is everything you need to know!

The most significant difference between a Lanai and a patio/veranda/porch is in the way they function. Unlike a patio/veranda/porch, a Lanai is not an outdoor space – they are part of the home’s architecture. And it’s designed to enhance the atmosphere of the home. It allowing the residents to enjoy the outdoors without leaving the home.

To simplify things – a Lanai is a hybrid between a veranda and a patio. It borrows cues from each and produces the best possible result. What’s more, Lanais can vary depending on the size, style and purpose. These are large enough to act as a second living room.

What is lanai

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Benefits of Having one

If the wondrous views of nature weren’t enough, a Lanai also proves to be the ultimate hangout spot for both you and your guest. Let’s face it, how often do you get to unwind and relax surrounded by the elements? It offers an atmosphere unlike any other, helping you build communion with nature. Also, in a relatively small home, a Lanai lets you expand the livable space in your home.

What’s more, modern designers and architects have introduced their own take on a Lanai, giving birth to contemporary Lanais in modern homes. And because there are no actual rules for building a Lanai, it resulted in many different styles, which were in many ways a complete opposite of the original idea. Undoubtedly, Lanais have grown in popularity, and the demand for homes with a Lanai has skyrocketed, quadrupling the value of the home.

Pre-Investing Checklist

Adding a Lanai to a home is not exactly easy, and anything associated with putting together brick and mortar can go array at any time, so consider these points before investing in a Lanai.

  • The most important thing to consider before anything else is the budget, as the budget can dictate the extent of modification that can be done to the existing architecture.
  • Since a it involves at least one side that is open to the elements, dirt, among other things, is bound to enter your home. Ensure you are willing to clean the area regularly.
  • Somewhat similar to the last point, if you live in a location where rain or snow is a regular occurrence – that can prove to be a problem unless proper precautions are taken.
  • Finally, a Lanai should align with your lifestyle. Suppose you live in an apartment building or an area devoid of shrubs; in such cases, having a Lanai would be meaningless.

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How To Max Out Your Lanai’s Potential

Undoubtedly, Lanais are an excellent addition to any home, enhancing the looks and expanding the space in the process. But, if you were thinking about how to use a it or even decorate the Lanai, here’s how!

  • Transform it into an outdoor garden. You can never have too many plants in your home, but packing your home with plants is not always an option. So, you can take your love for plants and nature to the Lanai and create the perfect oasis filled with natural aura.
  • Get a second living room. If you are getting tired of your traditional living room, the Lanai can be a refreshing and stimulating addition to your home. Move your sofas and coffee table to the Lanai and turn it into your living area.
  • Turn it into an Al Fresco Dining! Forget everything you know about luxury dining – Lanai turns the ultimate dining experience on its head. Get a dining table and some chairs – you have yourself the best dining setting possible. Have your breakfast with the crisp and cool air of the morning that invigorates the senses. And have your dinner as the world takes on a more mysterious and enchanting demeanor.
  • Create a meditation corner. Get rid of all the stress by meditating surrounded by nature’s aura. Bring in some scented candles, a yoga mat and optional furniture like a pouffe.

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Check few Ideas

Does Lanai feel like a good fit? Hopefully, this blog helped you learn more about Lanai. Don’t forget about the pre-investment checklist before adding a Lanai. If you found this blog informative, explore our Aertsen Living’s Informative blogs and projects.