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What makes (Boho) Bohemian Interior Design so Special?

If you are looking for a refreshing change from the same old designs, we have got just the thing for you! Our vibrant and lively interiors will add that much-needed pop of colour and energy to your space

If that’s true, Bohemian interior design is the fountain of contentment for you. Amalgamated with playful colours, textures and patterns, it’s the embodiment of what the opposite of minimalism would look like.

The design doesn’t just embrace maximalism, it explodes into a variety of décor ideas derived from all corners of the globe. It’s this abandonment of rules and taboos that has propelled the design to the heights of popularity. This blog will walk you through various aspects of Bohemian interior design and why it should be your first choice for your home.

What is (Boho) Bohemian interior design?

Designers define Bohemian interior design as a unique style that combines different elements that may not typically go together. However, we appreciate and view it differently – Bohemian design allows you to unleash your creativity by mixing textures, patterns, and colours in a way that is truly captivating.

However, we see it differently – Bohemian design is a result of your creativity, textures, patterns and colours coming undone.

A décor with unrestricted ideas encourages individual expression through hand-picked and layering of assorted textiles, artwork and decorative pieces. It’s a free-spirited, wild and welcoming design that more often than not follows an anything-goes approach. The design breaks the shackles of minimalism and creates an atmosphere where you can be yourself, not to mention how cosy the design is.

History of Bohemian interior design

The origins of Bohemian design emerged in early nineteenth-century France when a myriad of artists relocated to lower-rent Romani areas of Paris.

These artists were defined as norm-defying people like travellers, writers, performers and nomads, which is also where the term Bohemian came from, as in French the word to describe these people is “Bohémiens”. The result of these various cultures influencing each other gave birth to Bohemian interior design, which has deep roots in the beliefs of unconventional beauty.

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4 Main Characteristics of Bohemian interior design

The Bohemian design story is one of the most unique interior designs actively being used in homes across the globe. So, to give you a better understanding of the design, here are the major characteristics of Bohemian interior design.

1. Bold & Diversified Colour palette

Bohemian Interior Design - bold and diversified color pattern

The untainted spirit of Bohemian interior design doesn’t really come with any standard colour palette, it’s up to your imagination and creativity to fill the walls with colours, tapestry and other décor elements.

Most homes featuring this design mostly choose a variety of deep jewel tones, bright colours, earthy tones or even a mix of all three.

Picture a lot of browns, greens and metallics, it’s all about being brave with the mix & layering of all the above-mentioned colours.

Moreover, there’s a profound use of patterns that don’t necessarily require to be in correspondence with the colour palette.

However, it’s the unconventional and unique way they are put together, which helps the interior design stand out.

2. Layered textiles and patterns

Perhaps the reason more and more people resonate with Boho interior design is that it doesn’t cage you with rules. Here you get to mix and match patterns that are otherwise taboo in other design stories.

Burlaps, silks, chenille, and crushed velvet are frequently used in Bohemian interior design. And are frequently found in the same room as well.

Textile in Boho design can be described as organised chaos. It can also be thought of it as consciously-uncoherent use of textiles from various cultures.

This goes as far as to influence the upholstery of the furniture as well.

Bohemian Interior Design

3. Handmade & Natural

Bohemian Interior Design - Layered Textiles and patterns

As the essence of boho design comes straight out of the vagabond, free-spirited, unconventional populous who lived their life through means of nature. It would only make sense to incorporate the same spirit in the design too.

The result is a décor that is entirely made of hand-crafted and natural elements. Be it the furniture or the plethora of plants scattered across the home.

Even the slightest bit of incursion of artificial and plastic can plunge the design into irrelevancy and hoax.

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4. Vintage all the way

The most fatiguing task of putting together a Boho design is incorporating vintage furniture in the home. This is what Boho is really about.

It takes an enormous amount of effort to get the right furniture and fixtures for the design. Since this furniture isn’t readily available on the eCommerce platform.

Instead, it’s a collection that has been gathered over the years. To recreate that, you can consider buying second-hand furniture or having them custom-built by local artisans. Another option is to explore vintage shops. Just remember, anything you believe belongs in a museum is a perfect fit for Bohemian design.

Follow the same principle for the rest of the things in your home, and you are all set.

Bohemian Interior Design - Vintage all the way

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To sum up – the design on its own is nothing more than an idea. It transforms into something special when you bend and modify the design as per your beliefs. It transcends into this design story that more and more people are falling in love with.

However, we understand Bohemian Interior Design can be a little tricky to deal with. So feel free to reach out to the experts here at Aertsen Living.