What makes French Country Interior Design so Special?

Not everyone lives for elegance, luxury and extravagance; if you are one of those people, French Country interior design might just be for you! Emphasising comfort, functionality and relaxation. French country design is inspired by the French countryside, particularly those in Provence and the Loire Valley. The design story is the embodiment of a warm, inviting and cosy décor that incorporates natural materials, rustic details and elegant touches.

Since its inception around the 17th or 18th century, the interior design style has evolved and been influenced by historical events and regional differences within France. Originally, French country homes were described as typically rustic and utilitarian, with a focus on functionality and practicality. Decorated with simple textiles, such as linen or cotton, while the furniture was basic and sturdy. However, by the time the 19th century rolled around, the design style started incorporating more refined elements, reflecting the growing wealth of the middle class.

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Characteristics of French Country Interior Design

To understand what really makes anything stand out, we have to take a closer look at its characteristics. Thus, we would do the same, taking you through all the main characteristics of French country interior design.

1. Colour Palette

Reflecting the natural beauty of the French countryside, the colour palette in the design style creates warm and inviting décor. Inspired by the landscapes of the French countryside, the primary colours consist of muted earth tones and soft pastels. The design style is big on neutral colours such as cream, beige and white as the backdrop for accent colours. You can also find warm shades of red, orange and gold, often used to add depth and richness, whereas cooler tones like blue, green and lavender are used to create a calming atmosphere.

2. Textures and Materials

French Country Interior Design is so special

The defining characteristic of the French country style is the materials used in the design and the resulting textures produced by the said materials. Encompassing a wide material palette which includes wood, stone, cotton and metal; everything magnifies the simplicity of the design. Furthermore, the amalgamation of all the materials used in the design screams its close proximity to nature.

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3. Furniture and Decorative Objects

French Country Interior Design

Furniture and decorative objects in any home are at the heart of what makes the home feel lived in. French Country design has its own way of going about it. They can be characterised as – timeless elegance, rustic charm and refined detailing. One of the most commonly found in French country design is the armoire, which acts both as furniture and a decorative object. More often than not, these armoire is made of distressed wood. Furthermore, the chairs, sofas and love seats are typically upholstered in natural fabrics such as linen or cotton and may feature floral or toile patterns.

4. Lighting

French Country Interior Design

Illuminating the beauty of the space, French country design emphasises the use of natural light with large windows and doors. This allows light to flood into the room. Besides, decorative lighting fixtures are hugely popular in the design style to introduce warmth and character to the space. Wrought iron or brass chandelier is often spotted in French interior design. As they are great at providing a focal point to a space alongside making the space warm and inviting. Among the common lighting fixtures, lamps made from natural materials and candles are the most popular. Because of their ability to easily complement the décor.

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5. Architecture

French Country Interior Design

Interior architecture plays a key role in the aesthetic appeal of a space. The French country design style has a handful of such architectural elements. These elements are so great at elevating aesthetics, they have been picked up by designers to be integrated into other design styles as well. For instance, exposed wooden ceiling beams which are one of the identifying characteristics of French country design. But they can still be found in some bohemian and Japandi-style homes as well. Moreover, other architectural elements include natural stone, wood, or brick floors and weathered appearance for furniture, accent walls and other aspects of the home.

Benefits of French Country Interior Design

When choosing an interior design for your home, beauty and style is often regarded as the most important factor. However, the level of comfort and atmosphere it creates is equally important and should not be overlooked along with other benefits of the design. Thus, we have highlighted the key benefits of French Country Design, according to design experts here at Aertsen Living.

1. Warm and Inviting Atmosphere

French Country design takes advantage of the design characteristics in tandem to birth an atmosphere that helps people unwind and melt into the sofa. Whether it’s the warm lighting or the cosy textile-rich upholstered furniture, every element in the design is meticulously crafted and modified throughout the many years of its evolution. However, the colour palette plays a vital role in establishing warmth and crafting an inviting atmosphere. This is aided by the profound use of neutral colours along with hints of warm colours here and there.

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2. Timeless Elegance

The principle of quality over quantity is at the core of this design style, rather than using mass-produced homogeneous furniture and designs, it focuses on expert craftsmanship, inclined towards a more vintage style. This is one of the design influences that had been carried through the years of its evolution. The design style originated in the 18th or 19th century, which isn’t so far in the past that we can’t relate to it, and neither is it so recent that makes it identical to everything else today. Also, the growing demand for classic design motifs in home interiors such as floral patterns, toile prints, and stripes, just goes to justify its enduring timeless elegance.

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Sometimes choosing a design style might just be harder than actually executing the design in a home. Hopefully, this blog helped you understand why French country design is the one for you. We would recommend modifying the design style by incorporating some modern design elements to create something truly unique.