What Makes Scandinavian Interior Design So Special?

When it comes to interior design, Scandinavian interior design is unlike any other. It has become the talk of the town as more and more people move towards a more minimalistic style of interior design. The design doesn’t just beautify a home; it makes the space feel much cosier. So, if you too want to integrate this beautiful interior design into your home, this blog will take you through everything you need to know about Scandinavian interior design.

What is Scandinavian Interior Design?

Scandinavian Interior Design

Before we dive into the world of Scandinavian design, you must understand what precisely Scandinavian interior design is. Originating in the early 20th century, Scandinavian interior design was widely used by designers in the five Nordic countries – Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland.

The design uses soft tones to add warmth and elegance to modern décor. It’s all about clean lines, utility, and simple furniture that make the home more functional, beautiful, and welcoming.

Common Elements Found In Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian décor is an excellent bet for people looking for posh yet clean interiors. Such a design is the result of various factors that go into it. So, let’s try to understand that:

Nordic History

In Scandinavian interior design, the most dominant aspect would be the rich history of the Scandinavian people. It reflects their way of life: minimalism, zero stress, and an absolute lack of clutter. Everything that promotes an elevated life, joy, mindfulness, and is highly functional.

Organic/Natural Materials

Scandinavian design heavily depends on elements found specifically in nature. Coming from a small rural culture, the slightest presence of inorganic materials can insult their culture and heritage. This is the reason most Scandinavian interior elements are made of wood.

A Lack of Extravagance

True luxury doesn’t need extravagance to justify itself; the most beautiful homes that leave you in awe are the most simple. Scandinavian design is all about that mentality: clean lines, neutral colours, simple furniture, and absolutely no accent walls. This is further intensified by the open floor plan of most Scandinavian-themed homes.

Scandinavian Interior Design

Furniture Design Inspired By Nature

As previously stated, the Nordic culture is relatively close to nature, and this can not be more prevalent in their furniture design. Just the colour palette and natural lighting aren’t enough; even the furniture needs to convey a sense of belonging. You could find furniture with wooden materials, leather, or even just the finish; it’s all about that natural touch.

Carpet Shy

Not to completely eliminate the possibility of having a carpet in the design, the less you use it, the better. Scandinavian interior design mostly features wooden flooring; too much carpet can disturb the minimalist theme. However, that doesn’t mean a small rug here and there is unheard of.

Muted Colours

While most designs use bright, vibrant colours to bring warmth to the home, Scandinavian design takes a much more discrete approach to the same. It’s never the individual colours that create a warm, cosy feeling in Scandinavian design, but rather the amalgamation of the various elements that sneak in and comfort you.

Clean Lines

Ornate walls, sophisticated accents, or profligacy in design were never an option with Scandinavian design. Things always remain calm, sober, and muted, and nothing can do it better than clean lines that define the various features of the design.

Clutter-Free Design

Having a lot of things in your home is a direct contradiction to Scandinavian design, so if you have a lot of stuff, prepare to get rid of it. When the design first gained traction in Nordic countries, homes were much smaller than they are today. So, utilising the smallest space is carefully planned, and while homes have gotten larger, the idea of having less stuff has managed to stick around.

Use of Natural Lights

Scandinavian Interior Design

Another important, if not the most vital, aspect of Scandinavian design is that it uses natural light extensively. Resulting in lots of wide windows and an open floor plan that helps scatter light all over the home. Furthermore, pendant lights are used inside the home to act as wingmen and, of course, to illuminate the space at night.

Green From Nature

No Scandinavian design is complete without various lush green plants in the home. This is added to the design to really emphasise the natural elements in the home. The benefits of incorporating plants in a home are countless, even if you look at the design from another angle. It adds a lively energy to the space that few other things do.

While traditional Scandinavian design is strict in every aspect that defines it, how can a little creativity hurt? So, let’s look at some of the latest trends in Scandinavian interior design while staying rooted in its core idea.

Play With Contrast

You don’t need bright colours to have some contrast in your home; a simple combination of black and white will do wonders for your Scandinavian interior design. And the best part is that it perfectly blends in with the design ideology. 

Customised Furniture

Handcrafted furniture is all the rage today, and there are a plethora of artisans across the country that can get you a variety of styles for your home. And the benefit of using customised furniture is that you can get it customised to your liking; there are literally zero limitations.

Add Colourful Paintings/Posters

Scandinavian Interior Design

This one might break the metaphorical rules of Scandinavian design, but it’s well worth it! Grouping a handful of colourful paintings on a single wall can shock the design flow and give the onlooker a taste of creativity. Make sure you choose significantly colourful paintings, as they will become the centre of attention for your guests.

Legless Sofas

By now, you might have grasped the idea of minimalism; the legless sofas can easily fit into that realm of design. While reducing the complications of various sofa parts, such furniture appears as a single piece that complements the design ideology. If you want to check out some great modular options, Aertsen has a line of great modular furniture for you.

What Makes Scandinavian Interior Design So Special?

So, to answer the original question, what makes the design so special? It has to be its uniqueness and its ability to make your home feel so much better so effortlessly. Or it could be a new trend that might evolve as everything else does, but for now, it’s here to stay.