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What Makes Traditional Interior Design So Special?

With time and innovation, homes across the globe have evolved beyond just aesthetics, introducing functionality and safety to improve overall living conditions. Somewhere in the midst of this, design styles have transformed beyond recognition. But what about the people who prefer more classic, elegant and timeless aesthetics in their homes? The same question arose in the early 18th century when the revolution in interior design took off. This gave birth to a design style popularly known today as “Traditional Interior Design”, with classic, warm, comforting and familiar home décor rooted deep in traditional styles without emphasising a specific time period.

What is often described as classic, elegant and timeless, Traditional Interior design is a highly versatile design style that originated somewhere between the 18th and 19th centuries. In spite of having such a lengthy history, the style never feels dated, stuffy or dull. On the contrary, it draws inspiration from the past and reinterprets it in a modern way. So, if you are on the quest to transform your home interiors into Versailles, this blog will take you through everything you need to know about Traditional Interior design.

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Elements of Traditional Interior Design

It’s never one single element behind the success of any design style and the same goes for this design. Here are the key elements that make Traditional Interior design so special.

1. Use of Colours

Traditional Interior Design

A huge part of making the design feel timeless is because of the colours used in it. More often than not, homes boasting this design style feature colours that rely on harmony and balance. The versatility of the design style isn’t lost in the preferred colour scheme, while some designers use bold and vibrant colours to create a popping space that compliments the lighting, furniture and other features. Others prefer rich colours such as deep reds, greens and blues along with neutral shades of beige and cream.

2. Furniture

Traditional furniture is extravagant in every way possible. Ornate with intricately detailed carvings, patterned upholstery and curvy lines; everything modern furniture tries to avoid. These pieces of furniture are almost always made of wood and tend to be heavier because of their size.

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3. Materials & Fabrics

Traditional Interior Design

Traditional interior design takes advantage of a variety of rich fabrics available to mankind, from silks, and velvets to tapestry and much more. These high-end fabrics work wonders for enhancing aesthetics and providing a layer of tactile stimulation through patterns like damask, plaid and paisley. One common feature often found in traditional interior design is trim, these are sewn on almost everything, including curtains, beddings and upholstery.

4. Decorative Objects

Traditional Interior Design

Today, any decorative piece older than fifty years is regarded as vintage. But, this design style incorporates decorative accessories from several eras including some semi-modern pieces. The aim here is to create a sense of nostalgia without turning the space into ancient palaces. We recommend using a blend of antique/vintage and modern pieces.

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5. Lighting

As lavish and extravagant as everything is in this design style, how can lighting solutions in these homes stray far behind? Often featuring intricate details, brass, bronze and crystal art pieces like lighting fixtures, everything creates an elegant décor. Moreover, lighting fixtures in these homes include chandeliers, wall scones and table lamps.

Benefits of Traditional Interior Design

Choosing a traditional design for your home can be a bold decision, as it’s a truly unique design and its uniqueness brings with it a plethora of benefits as well.

1. Timeless Elegance: Unlike other design styles, a traditional design style allows the inclusion of elements from several eras where you can literally see the evolution in design throughout time in the same space. Designers today take this to a whole new level by blending modern and vintage elements creating something truly elegant.

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2. Attention to Detail: Intricate detailing is a huge part of traditional homes, it can be found on furniture, walls, textiles, carpets and almost everything else. The level of sophistication in this design is unparalleled and creates luxurious aesthetics which are rarely seen in most homes today.

3. Reflects Personal Style: Because of the uniqueness of the design, it helps you stand out of the crowd reflecting opulence, luxury and personal style through your home.

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There are countless design styles you can integrate into your home, but a traditional interior design will help you get unique and timeless home interiors. But at the same time, it can be a difficult task to intricate the same into your home on your own, so it’s better to leave this one to the pros. Book a design consultation with the best interior designers in Hyderabad today!