What’s trending in furniture: Shapes, Fabrics & Materials 2023

Imagine a world without furniture, what torture it would be. People would be sitting on the floor with one foot over the other, how our ancestors used to. Though great for your posture, a great deal of comfort would get slashed straight out of our lives. But luckily that’s not the case! On the contrary, furniture keeps on evolving; looks, storage and functionality all increased three folds each time. Similarly, the year 2023 comes with heaps of new trends in furniture, so to keep you up to date this blog will take you on a tour of the best new furniture trends 2023 has to offer.

Much like everything else in the world, furniture design has also evolved over the years facilitating the various needs people have. This evolution has given birth to a plethora of unique designs and features that help them stand out from the ever-growing sea of mediocrity. So, let’s take a look at the latest in home furniture design taking shape across the globe:

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1. Vintage & Thrifted Style

trending in furniture

With the rise of homogeneous designs literally everywhere, people crave a drop of idiosyncratic flair in a sea of copy and paste in every home. The main benefactor of this sentiment was the furniture, as these are the easiest aspect of any home to upgrade. The fact that pre-owned and vintage loose furniture can create a décor that modern furniture just can not, people have started looking for design solutions in the past.

Not to mention that these pieces of furniture are a fraction of the price of other options on the market. With the uptick in real estate prices and subsequently rents, owning these pieces of furniture makes a lot more sense. The experts here at Aertsen Living predict, 2023 will bring forth the resurgence of antique sourcing, reclaiming, restoring and upcycling.

Moreover, the emergence of this trend doesn’t necessitate replacing every piece of furniture in your home. Many seasoned design professionals recommend a mix and match of the furniture you already possess with vintage, this will result in a timeless design.

2. Metals – Matte, Brushed, Chrome, Silver & Steel

For as long as we can remember, metals have always been integrated into various aspects of interior design – especially furniture. But the sort of metal used in furniture has seen a shift. Instead of brass, bronze and rose gold metallic finishes; chrome, silver and steel will prevail to be the go-to material for furniture.

However, you would wonder what motivated this shift in interest, perhaps this was fuelled by the release of the widely popular Fritz Hansen PK collection or various awards for furniture with a similar shade. For instance, ChromaWise Luxury Furniture won the A’Design award for its Apollo Dining Table, which stands out because of its chrome legs.

trending in furniture

3. Colourful & Patterned Furniture

trending in furniture

Going bold with colours and patterns will become a norm in 2023, as people start experimenting with electric and eccentric furniture. Experts suggest, getting tired of all the mundane and monotonic colours, homeowners in 2022 showed a growing interest in such furniture, and they predict the change in attitude towards interior design will continue in the coming year.

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4. Natural Material & Sustainability

Using natural materials like wood in furniture is nothing new, but upholstery and textile used for furniture may take an unexpected upgrade to wicker, grass cloth and rattan. As far as sustainability is concerned, 2022 has been a great year for the planet and experts expect the newly adopted tradition to grow as we venture into 2023. The use of plastic in home interiors has seen a steep decline, whether it’s an eco-conscious effort by people or just a trend fuelled by pop culture, things seem to head towards a positive direction. Moreover, there’s also been an uptick in the use of reclaimed wood in all facets of home interiors.

trending in furniture

5. Let it curve

trending in furniture

Some would say, the main purpose of interior design is to make any space more inviting for your family and friends to relax in. Well, sharp lines and dramatic shapes don’t quite do that, they might make the space look great, no doubt. But curves have a gentleness to them, a way of making things seem softer.

They somehow create a playful, artful and whimsical decor that can also deliver nostalgia in the most beautiful way. Think about it, nature is full of curves and most people find it pretty, adapting the same in your home interiors is perhaps the easiest way to make your interiors calming. 2022 kinda set the stage for curved furniture, and 2023 is set to establish it as a must for an elegant design trend.

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In the end, trends are trends and they tend to change quite frequently but this blog has got your back for this year at the very least. Overall, by the look of things most furniture design trends seem to lean towards a blend of old materials with new innovative designs.